Megalo Box

megalo box

Anime title: Megalo Box

Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Slice of Life, Sports

Junk Dog, an underground fighter of the futuristic Gear-utilising sport Megalo Box, and his trainer Nanbu Gansaku, are forced to make a living by throwing matches in an underground ring. Junk Dog encounters and briefly interacts with the Megalo Box champion Yuri, who later enters the underground ring and quickly defeats Junk Dog in a match. Yuri tells Junk Dog, “If you’re serious about fighting me again, then fight your way up to me and my ring.” With some help from the criminal organisation responsible for Junk Dog and Nanbu’s situation, Junk Dog enters Megalonia, a tournament to decide the best Megalo Boxer. However, there are only four spots open in the tournament. In three months, the fighters who take those four spots will be decided. Junk Dog, taking on the ring name “Joe”, must work his way up from the bottom rank within that time.

I found the struggles and how Team Nowhere (Joe and co.) overcame them to be realistic, both inside and outside of the ring. I like it how even though Joe fights without a Gear, did not really feel like the fights were unfair (the norm is that fighters fight with Gear, but well Joe was allowed to fight without Gear as he wished) as Gear only enhanced the fighter’s speed and power, and thus I was still able to relish each and every fight. The developments of Joe, Nanbu and Sachio (a kid who later joins Joe and Nanbu) were well done, from my point of view. The background music was catchy and kept me hooked. The ending theme was enjoyable, and the show’s ending was satisfying. Overall, I felt that Megalo Box was able to provide more than enough to satisfy me despite the short episode count.

I would recommend Megalo Box regardless of whether you are a fan of boxing or sports anime in general. I also advise not to let the Shounen tag prevent you from watching Megalo Box, as I felt that the execution was great. Do try Megalo Box if you are looking for a short anime (13 ep).


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