B: The Beginning

b the beginning.jpg

Anime title: B – The Beginning

Genres: Action, Mystery, Police, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller


A chain of crimes seemingly perpetrated by the serial killer Killer B unfolds in the nation of Cremona. However, these crimes seem to be a diversion for a mysterious criminal organisation to carry out bigger plans. The criminal organisation, RIS investigator Keith Flick and a guy called Koku who is referred to as the “black king”, appear to be key figures in this thick fog of mystery. What is really going on in Cremona?


Sometimes I felt that the police aspect and the supernatural aspect were disconnected and that they could either stand alone in separate shows instead or the show could do without one or the other. However, as I watched more, I eventually grew to think that combining the police aspect and the supernatural aspect turned out to be a good idea. The whole chain of events turned out to be interesting. Things seemed confusing and unrelated at first but I felt that the complicated connections between the various characters and the chain of events were unraveled at a pace that allowed me to understand them. Whenever something in this show untangles, something else tangles itself up. But despite this, I felt that they managed to execute the show in a way that when the mystery deepened, it did so thickly yet not too thick to the point of no return. That’s what I felt was the greatest hook in B: The Beginning and I really liked that about it. The fights, the background music and the ending theme were enjoyable. The show also knew when to add the few yet effective funny moments. It ended on a satisfying note which made me look forward to future content (it is hinted in the end of the final episode). Overall, it’s been a rewarding watch for me.


I would recommend B: The Beginning if you’re looking for police shows with supernatural stuff. If you’re the type of viewer that likes shows where things are unrelated at first but will make sense in the end, then B: The Beginning could be added to your ‘plan to watch’ list.


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