Frankenstein Family


Anime title: Shiyan Pin Jiating

Alternate titles:

Jikken-hin Kazoku

Frankenstein Family

Genres: Sci-Fi, Slice of Life

Note: I noticed that the names of the characters could be written differently. I’ll write the names based on what I saw them written as when I watched it.


Dennis’ parents are mad scientists who secretly conducted experiments on his older brother and three older sisters on an isolated island. However, one day, his parents were arrested and a welfare organisation moved Dennis and his siblings to a home on another island. Dennis, being the only normal human, is left to take care of his siblings and help them get around in the human society.

My opinion:

Frankenstein Family is unique for me in the sense that it is both an episodic show and one with a bigger plot, or at least that’s the way I see it. Plot-wise, though, I felt that the show was rather lacking though their attempts at progressing towards a plot was decent. On the other hand, I felt that the decent plot progression piqued my interest about the bigger mysteries in Frankenstein Family. Furthermore, I like how the plot progression was balanced out by Frankenstein Family’s also episodic nature and the few episodes which had one dedicated to each sibling. As a result, Frankenstein Family remained fresh yet not too random and not at all aimless for me. Despite the show’s short length, I was impressed at how they were able to deliver what was to me, a good amount of backstory and development for Dennis and each of his siblings. I liked how the struggles of being different from normal human beings and Dennis’ efforts to help his siblings function in and integrate into human society were clearly highlighted. The opening theme was energetic for me, starting off each episode on a good note. The final episode evoked my emotions well and got me craving for more content. Overall, a very good show which I feel deserves more popularity.

Additional remarks:

Frankenstein Family is a great addition if you’re looking for Sci-Fi, Slice of Life or a show with 12 episodes. Each episode is about 15 minutes or so, which is perfect if you’re looking for shows with shorter episodes. It is available in both Mandarin Chinese dub and Japanese dub, so it offers a bit of a choice.


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