Anime title: Kokkoku

Genres: Psychological, Supernatural, Mystery, Drama, Seinen


The lives of Yukawa Juri’s struggling family take a turn for the worse when her nephew Makoto and her NEET brother Tsubasa are kidnapped and held for ransom by a mysterious religious sect. Juri’s family only has 30 minutes to deliver the ransom money. Juri’s grandfather decides to reveal a dangerously powerful spell to her and her father. After offering blood to their grandfather’s mystical stone, the spell sends the three of them into the world of “Stasis”, which is a version of an instant in time of their world where time stops for everyone and everything except the users. Things do not go as planned when they discover that a group of people are surprisingly able to move inside Stasis.

My opinion:

The opening theme was extremely catchy. Throughout my time watching Kokkoku, the concept of Stasis, the mysteries behind it, the eventual revelations about it, and especially the Herald, gripped my interest tightly. Majima and Sagawa kept my interest glued even further, due to how they didn’t reveal much for a large portion of the show and yet were hinted to be key characters. The abuse of the ability to move inside Stasis, such as by stealing things from a supermarket or attempting to do lewd things onto the time-stopped women, was well highlighted. It was rather thought provoking for me as the way I saw it, it clearly sent the message of “with great power comes great responsibility”.  The superpowers which some of the members of Juri’s family possessed made Kokkoku even more interesting. I thought the fights could have been much better, though. The ending was intriguing and satisfying, which gave me what I felt was a good closure for what had been overall a good show for me.

Additional remarks:

If you’re looking for show with time related aspects or an “other world” aspect, I think Kokkoku would be a nice addition. If you are looking for some good or great fight scenes involving superpowers, I would advise to not expect much from Kokkoku, as it’s not their main focus. If you’re looking for mysteries and supernatural aspects, Kokkoku is good for that.


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